Our Story

Yinrin is a premium haircare brand that focuses on providing a radiant haircare journey for each customer, guided by community and authenticity. Founded by Emmanuel Abimbola, its roots trace back to the heart of Southeast London's Peckham, where Emmanuel's childhood was steeped in the vibrant atmosphere of his mother's hair shop. Witnessing more than just business transactions; Emmanuel saw a haven where men and women gathered, friendships flourished, and beauty standards were redefined. Inspired by this rich tapestry of human connection, Emmanuel embarked on his own loc journey, realising the profound impact of fostering genuine third spaces.

A Movement of Confidence and Connection

Today, Yinrin is more than a brand; it's a movement dedicated to nurturing confidence and camaraderie. Yinrin believes in substance over hype, infusing our products with potent, natural ingredients that prioritise your hair's health and vitality. With an emphasis on authenticity, we offer generous volumes to ensure our customers feel valued in every purchase. Beyond the bottle, Yinrin is on a mission to reignite those third spaces of connection. Through workshops and online video documentation, we seek to empower individuals to embrace their unique beauty and share their personal hair journeys. Real people, sharing real stories and celebrating the diverse beauty of our world, one strand at a time.